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All Editions in a Zip File

In March 2021, I, Kurt Johmann, decided to add to this, my website, a zip file—this page and zip file debuted here May 23, 2021—that contains all 12 editions of The Computer Inside You, with filenames as follows:

Also in the zip file will be my previously unpublished first book, completed and copyrighted in 1988, titled A-Space, E-Space, Gaia, and Soul:

The reason for including this book in the zip file, is because, as I say in footnote 165 in the 12th edition:

Much of what I had written in A-Space, E-Space, Gaia, and Soul—regarding meditation, the syllable Om, and the Upanishads, and out-of-body projections including Oliver Fox and Sylvan Muldoon, and the kundalini injury, and the soul and soul projections—I copied into the first edition of The Computer Inside You (in the first edition of The Computer Inside You, I renamed the soul and soul projections as the soliton and solitonic projections).

[but the biggest negative of this first book by me, is this big error I made, stated in the next quoted sentence:]

Most memorable to me about my A-Space, E-Space, Gaia, and Soul book, is that during my first semester in graduate school in the Fall of 1988, about six months after I had finished writing A-Space, E-Space, Gaia, and Soul, I realized that I had made a major error in that book, because I imagined, in effect, two different kinds of computing elements with their own programming, that I named A-Space and E-Space, instead of the more simple and efficient single kind of computing element with its computing-element program.

In addition to the 13 books listed above as being in the zip file, there is also one image file:

The photo is shown within the tciy-12th-ed.html file, hence its inclusion in the zip file.

The Purpose of the Zip File

The end result of my adding this zip file to my website, will be that anyone curious about the earlier editions, editions 1 thru 11, plus what can be called my unpublished zero edition, predecessor to the first edition (A-Space, E-Space, Gaia, and Soul), can find them all in one place, in this zip file, which also includes a copy of the 12th edition.

With all prior editions and my final edition the 12th edition, one can see the evolution of my thinking on this subject of a computerized reality. Also, reaching that 12th edition has been a long, drawn-out process for me, with many mistakes made by me along the way, spanning about 30 years (beginning in the latter half of 1987 when I began writing that first book, and ending with the completion of writing the 12th edition which was September 17, 2017).

Original Filenames for Editions 3 thru 11 when I had them on the Internet

The twelfth edition’s filename, tciy-12th-ed.html, was the first time I used that file-naming style for any edition:

       tciy-[then the edition’s number as 1 or 2 digits, affixed with the 2-letter English ending for that number]-ed.html

Regarding what I previously named those earlier editions when they were each my newest edition—at whatever website I was then using—and I had the entire book in a single HTML file: the third edition was named book.htm, the fourth edition was named tciy4.html, and the fifth thru eleventh editions were named tciy.html. The idea of tciy.html was that I could use the same filename to hold whatever the latest edition of my book was. Regarding the first two editions and their absence from the list I just gave: the first edition was never on the internet (see my March 2021 note near the beginning of the tciy-1st-ed.html file); the HTML of the second edition was many HTML pieces (files, each with its own different filename) linked together to give a complete second-edition book, but there was no single HTML file at my website then, that held the complete second-edition book.

HTML Guidelines followed when preparing Editions 1 thru 11 for the Zip File

The guidelines I followed for the HTML of A-Space, E-Space, Gaia, and Soul, and also for editions 1 thru 11, are as follows:


I put the 12th edition of my book in the public domain because that is my final edition and it is also my best and most correct edition. But I won’t do that for the earlier editions—editions 1 thru 11 and also A-Space, E-Space, Gaia, and Soul—because, for those books the purpose of my copyright at this time is more to suppress those earlier works, because they are each more erroneous, less complete, and less good than the 12th edition.

The only exception would be a scholarly work that is showing in detail how my thinking on one or more subjects has changed over time, by comparing what I said in one or more of my earlier books, to what I say in the 12th edition, if it is different. For this type of work I would want a more relaxed copyright to apply, so that more can be copied from any of my earlier books for the purpose of that comparison with the 12th edition.

Download the Zip File

The zip file, rounding up, is about 1.7 MB in size. Download: