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Two Blog Posts saved from my former WordPress Website

These two blog posts, copied below, are Can my pet Cat see projected Bion Bodies when it is Awake? (this was originally posted on December 28, 2017 as a blog post at my former WordPress website), and Some Unexpected Results (this was originally posted on November 14, 2017 as a blog post at my former WordPress website).

Note: Although I created a Blog at my former WordPress website, I only made a total of four posts on that Blog: the first two posts were regarding my former WordPress website, and the last two posts were the Cat post and Unexpected Results post that I’ve copied below.

Can my pet Cat see projected Bion Bodies when it is Awake?

In footnote [159] of my book A Soliton and its owned Bions (Awareness and Mind), I describe my bion-body encounter with my pet cat in 2012. Here is a photo, taken in 2016, of this cat lying on the carpet in my house:

photo of my cat taken April 2016

I still have that cat living with me. [note added 1/15/21: I no longer have any pets, including this cat.] About two weeks ago—I am writing this blog post on December 28, 2017—I saw that cat act in a strange way that I have seen before (perhaps an average of a few times a year I see the cat act this way): The cat appeared to be intensely watching something that I couldn’t see, and, in this case, after a while being motionless, the cat moved its head slowly as if it were following the movement of whatever it is that the cat was seeing. If you have a pet cat yourself, you may have noticed this occasional strange cat behavior.

Instead of seeing something, perhaps the cat was hearing something that I couldn’t hear (in general, as far as I know, cats have better hearing than humans). Or perhaps the cat was watching a small insect that from my vantage point I couldn’t see. Or perhaps some other mundane explanation. However, a non-mundane possible explanation is that my cat, and small cats in general, have bion vision composited onto their eyesight when awake. As stated in my book, bion vision has a short range of probably less than ten feet, so an animal’s projected bion-body could only be seen by the cat if it is nearby.

Last night I was remembering that recent cat behavior from about two weeks ago, and I thought, as I have thought before, that perhaps my cat was seeing a nearby projected bion-body (my past bion-body encounters with two different pet cats, described in my book, have already taught me that a pet cat can do a bion-body projection, and the 2012 encounter made it apparent that that projected cat had bion vision of cell-controlling bions that are away from their cells, because how else was that cat in its projected bion-body able to move fast around my projected bion-body if it couldn’t see my projected bion-body). When I woke up this morning (December 28, 2017), my unconscious mind had apparently been working on the problem of why my cat would have bion vision composited onto its eyesight when awake, because it quickly presented to my awareness its explanation (obviously we humans, at least most of us, myself included, don’t have this ability to see a projected bion-body when we are awake in our physical body).

Here is the explanation my unconscious mind presented to me: My cat’s ability to survive in the wild is improved by it being able to see any nearby projected bion bodies, because it can then see—if it is within the roughly ten-foot range of bion vision—the projected bion bodies of small sleeping animals in their underground burrows (or wherever a small animal is sleeping, hidden from a predator’s eyesight), and then that cat can, after locating the burrow’s opening, lie in wait for that small sleeping animal to exit its burrow after it wakes up, at which point the cat can catch and eat it.

After being up for the day, getting my breakfast and then thinking about my unconscious mind’s explanation, I decided to write this blog post. I already knew that small cats have excellent night vision, much better than humans; and in the wild, small cats can hunt at night. Doing a little research in preparation for writing this blog post, I found the following statement about cats in a Wikipedia article at

Cats normally demonstrate crepuscular behavior, bordering nocturnal, being most active in hunting and exploration at dusk and dawn.

The above-quoted statement about cats is compatible with small cats having bion vision composited with their eyesight, because, in general, depending on whether a small animal that is hidden from eyesight when asleep, is awake and active during the daytime or nighttime, that animal probably goes to sleep at around the time of dusk (if active during the daytime) or dawn (if active during the nighttime). For example, a nocturnal animal, such as a mouse, would, I suppose, typically go to sleep at around the time of dawn, and wake at around the time of dusk. Thus, for example, the cat can locate a hidden-from-eyesight sleeping mouse at around the time of dawn, and then remember that location and come back at around the time of dusk to lie in wait and capture that mouse when it exits its hiding place. Also, assuming an animal’s projected bion-body has the same size and shape as that animal’s physical body, the small cat, seeing the animal’s projected bion-body, would be able to ignore sleeping animals that are either too large for that cat to safely catch and kill, or too small to be worth the bother. Thus, small cats with such composite vision (combining bion vision with eyesight vision) would have a survival advantage over small cats with just eyesight vision. (For large cats such as lions and tigers, this survival advantage, for several reasons that I can think of, would be substantially less in their case, and I think it likely that the large cats have only eyesight vision when awake.)

Assuming my cat and other small cats have this bion vision composited onto their eyesight vision when the cat is awake, this ability has probably contributed to small cats being associated with so-called witches and associated with magic in general. This ability for small cats may also be the explanation for a story I remember reading sometime in the last year or two (I’d give a link to the story but I no longer remember where I read it), about a cat living in a nursing home in Florida who would go to a resident’s room and wait there, when that resident would be dead within 24 hours. If the story is true, perhaps the explanation is that that cat had noticed something different with regard to that resident’s cell-controlling bions that that cat could see with its bion vision, and the cat knew from experience that that noticed something is a sign of imminent death (I’m just guessing this), and that cat then waits in that resident’s room because it wants to see the formation and movement of that resident’s dense afterlife bion-body (small cats have a reputation for being curious).

Regarding a cat’s bion vision when awake, is it just the vision of cell-controlling bions that are away from their cells? Regarding this kind of bion vision, in my book’s subsection 5.2.2 Vision and Movement during my Bion-Body Projections, in footnote [36] I say:

Also, assuming subsection 3.8.6, to get replies from all nearby cell-controlling bions that are not currently with their cells, which is the case with the bions in a projected bion-body that is away from its physical body, the user_settable_identifiers_block parameter for the get_relative_locations_of_bions() call would have its USID_2 set to NOT_WITH_MY_CELL, and the other values of that parameter would be set to null.

Instead of having bion vision of nearby cell-controlling bions that are away from their cells, to have bion vision of nearby cell-controlling bions that are currently with their cells, USID_2 would be set to WITH_MY_CELL instead of NOT_WITH_MY_CELL. This kind of bion vision (USID_2 is set to WITH_MY_CELL), composited with its eyesight, would also be useful to a small cat to locate nearby small prey that are currently hidden from eyesight. Perhaps a small cat has both kinds of bion vision and can consciously switch between them when hunting.


Some Unexpected Results

About a week ago [Note added 1/15/21: relative to the "posted on" date November 14, 2017] I had some email correspondence in which I wrote the following:

This computed-reality approach, which I justify and develop in my book, has born actual fruit in that it gave me some unexpected results that I wasn’t trying to get, including, for example, that any alleged materialization miracles—whether by Jesus or Sai Baba or anyone else—are simply fiction because the algorithms and math involved don’t allow it (subsection 3.8.7 The Learned-Program Statements for Seeing and Manipulating Physical Matter have a very Short Range, and footnotes [118] and [165]). Another unexpected result is that so-called possession is fiction and can’t happen (subsection 6.3.2 How a Mind Connects with a Brain before Birth).

In this blog post I want to make a few comments regarding my above quoted statement:

As I recall, after I had finished writing the initial version of subsection 3.8.7 The Learned-Program Statements for Seeing and Manipulating Physical Matter have a very Short Range, only then did it consciously occur to me that subsection 3.8.7 means that any and all claims of large-scale materializations—materializations that are big enough to be seen by us with our own eyes—are, quite simply, impossible, and any claims of such materializations are simply false. (Note: I later improved and polished that initial version of subsection 3.8.7 into the final version that appears in the book.)

Thus, the alleged materializations of bread and fish by Jesus are fiction. And the alleged materializations of jewelry by the Asian-Indian Sai Baba are fiction. And, even if one invokes non-human beings, such as the Caretakers, they can’t do such materializations either.

Subsection 3.8.7 also makes false any claim, as I say in footnote [165], “that a person, using his mind alone, directly moved physical matter at a substantial distance from himself.” And this inability is also true for any non-human beings.

As with subsection 3.8.7, I had a similar experience with subsection 6.3.2 How a Mind Connects with a Brain before Birth, in that I had first worked out and written the details of how the mind-brain connections are made, before it consciously occurred to me that this makes impossible so-called possession of one’s body by another entity or being, or whatever one wants to call the imagined possessor. And, after realizing this, I added at the end of subsection 6.3.2 the following paragraph:

In the case of humans, regarding the possibility of having one’s physical body, in effect, taken over by a “spirit” or “demon” or “entity” or whatever one wants to call it, this is the idea of “possession”, of being “possessed” by a being other than oneself. However, because one’s mind has already fully connected with one’s brain by the time of one’s birth, it will be impossible for some other mind or awareness/mind, regardless of how close (in terms of distance) it may be to one’s brain, to receive any of the sensory-data messages from one’s brain, because only the specified recipients of those sensory-data messages can receive those messages, and the specified recipients are mind bions in one’s mind, identified by their unique identifiers. Likewise, that other mind or awareness/mind, regardless of how close it may be to one’s brain, cannot control any of the muscles that one’s brain can activate, because the relevant brain bions in the motor cortex will only accept activate-muscle messages from specific mind bions in one’s mind, identified by their unique identifiers. In summary, having one’s brain possessed by some other mind or awareness/mind is impossible and does not happen. Thus, all stories of such possession are fiction (a related subject is multiple personality disorder, which is considered separately in section 9.7).


January 2021: I, Kurt Johmann, the author and copyright owner, hereby place the above two blog posts in the public domain.