Some Unexpected Results

About a week ago I had some email correspondence in which I wrote the following:

This computed-reality approach, which I justify and develop in my book, has born actual fruit in that it gave me some unexpected results that I wasn’t trying to get, including, for example, that any alleged materialization miracles—whether by Jesus or Sai Baba or anyone else—are simply fiction because the algorithms and math involved don’t allow it (subsection 3.8.7 The Learned-Program Statements for Seeing and Manipulating Physical Matter have a very Short Range, and footnotes [118] and [165]). Another unexpected result is that so-called possession is fiction and can’t happen (subsection 6.3.2 How a Mind Connects with a Brain before Birth).

In this blog post I want to make a few comments regarding my above quoted statement:

As I recall, after I had finished writing the initial version of subsection 3.8.7 The Learned-Program Statements for Seeing and Manipulating Physical Matter have a very Short Range, only then did it consciously occur to me that subsection 3.8.7 means that any and all claims of large-scale materializations—materializations that are big enough to be seen by us with our own eyes—are, quite simply, impossible, and any claims of such materializations are simply false. (Note: I later improved and polished that initial version of subsection 3.8.7 into the final version that appears in the book.)

Thus, the alleged materializations of bread and fish by Jesus are fiction. And the alleged materializations of jewelry by the Asian-Indian Sai Baba are fiction. And, even if one invokes non-human beings, such as the Caretakers, they can’t do such materializations either.

Subsection 3.8.7 also makes false any claim, as I say in footnote [165], “that a person, using his mind alone, directly moved physical matter at a substantial distance from himself.” And this inability is also true for any non-human beings.

As with subsection 3.8.7, I had a similar experience with subsection 6.3.2 How a Mind Connects with a Brain before Birth, in that I had first worked out and written the details of how the mind-brain connections are made, before it consciously occurred to me that this makes impossible so-called possession of one’s body by another entity or being, or whatever one wants to call the imagined possessor. And, after realizing this, I added at the end of subsection 6.3.2 the following paragraph:

In the case of humans, regarding the possibility of having one’s physical body, in effect, taken over by a “spirit” or “demon” or “entity” or whatever one wants to call it, this is the idea of “possession”, of being “possessed” by a being other than oneself. However, because one’s mind has already fully connected with one’s brain by the time of one’s birth, it will be impossible for some other mind or awareness/mind, regardless of how close (in terms of distance) it may be to one’s brain, to receive any of the sensory-data messages from one’s brain, because only the specified recipients of those sensory-data messages can receive those messages, and the specified recipients are mind bions in one’s mind, identified by their unique identifiers. Likewise, that other mind or awareness/mind, regardless of how close it may be to one’s brain, cannot control any of the muscles that one’s brain can activate, because the relevant brain bions in the motor cortex will only accept activate-muscle messages from specific mind bions in one’s mind, identified by their unique identifiers. In summary, having one’s brain possessed by some other mind or awareness/mind is impossible and does not happen. Thus, all stories of such possession are fiction (a related subject is multiple personality disorder, which is considered separately in section 9.7).

Plans for Future Posts

Depending on which program I use to count the number of words in my book, the book has somewhere between 160,000 and 170,000 words, which is large for a book. Also, as I have already stated in my book, this 12th edition of my book is the last edition of my book. Thus, I’m not going to be writing anything in this blog for inclusion in a future edition of my book.

My expectation is that future entries in this blog will be related in some way to my book or the subject matter in my book.

Recent Website Changes

Over the last few days I’ve made a number of changes to this website, which, besides revising the About page and adding a Blog page, include the following:

  • The A Soliton and its owned Bions (Awareness and Mind) link on this website’s main menu above, now links to the entire book in a single page, instead of linking to a Table of Contents page that links to the book spread across eight different pages. Note: Because of the book’s large size as a single page, I initially split it into eight parts at this website to improve web-search results. However, I’ve now decided to have the book in both formats at this website: as a single page and as multiple pages.

    Although no longer linked to by this website’s main menu, a link to that Table of Contents page is in the About page.

    Also, if you enter this website’s domain name by itself on your web-browser’s address bar, instead of opening the About page as it did previously, it will now open the entire book in a single page.

  • With regard to my photo and its caption in the HTML of my book: Because the photo’s caption was getting squashed on narrow display devices, I’ve taken the photo and caption out of the HTML table they were in, and the caption is now in a separate paragraph before the photo.

  • With regard to the Table of Contents in the HTML of my book, I decided to add the HTML <h4> headers that are in the book to that Table of Contents (the printed book already has all four header levels in its Table of Contents, so I decided to make the HTML of the book at this website consistent with the printed book).

    Unlike the other three header levels that are all numbered, the <h4> headers in the book are all unnumbered. An example of an <h4> header in the Table of Contents is An Efficient Gravity Algorithm under subsection 3.8.3 Coordinates in 3D Space, and Message Transmission thru 3D Space.