A Soliton and its owned Bions (Awareness and Mind) – TOC

Table of Contents

Front Matter
1 The Computing-Element Reality Model

1.1 Constraints for any Reality Model
1.2 Overview of the Model
1.3 Components of the Model
1.4 Particles
1.5 Living Inside Computed Reality
1.6 Common Particles and Intelligent Particles

2 Biology and Bions

2.1 The Bion
2.2 Cell Movement
2.3 Cell Division
2.4 Generation of Sex Cells
2.5 Bions and Cell Division
2.6 Multicellular Development

3 The Brain and the Mind

3.1 Neurons
3.2 The Cerebral Cortex
3.3 Mental Mechanisms and Computers
3.4 Composition of the Computers
3.5 Memory
3.6 Learned Programs
3.7 The Mind
3.8 Identifier Blocks, the send() Statement, and Multicellular Development

3.8.1 Identifier Blocks
3.8.2 The Learned-Program send() Statement: Parameters
3.8.3 Coordinates in 3D Space, and Message Transmission thru 3D Space

Two different Message-Transmission Algorithms
A Message-Transmission Algorithm for Sending a Message to a Specific Computing Element
An Efficient Gravity Algorithm
Regarding the above Gravity Algorithm: Approximations and Efficiency

3.8.4 The Learned-Program send() Statement: the message_instance
3.8.5 The Learned-Program send() Statement: Algorithmic Details

Handling the Special Case of a Recipient Particle being Moved when the Message Arrives
The Sphere-Filling Message-Transmission Algorithm
Several Properties of this Sphere-Filling Message-Transmission Algorithm

3.8.6 Multicellular Development

Regarding the Particle Details returned by the various get_relative_location…() learned-program statements described in this Book
Avoid Unreasonable Assumptions when Designing Algorithms that will Run on Computing Elements
Timers and Keeping Track of Elapsed Time

3.8.7 The Learned-Program Statements for Seeing and Manipulating Physical Matter have a very Short Range
3.8.8 Bions Seeing and Manipulating Atoms and Molecules
3.8.9 How Cell-Controlling Bions Stay with their Cells

How does a Sleeping Cell-Controlling Bion stay with its Cell, and how does a Sleeping Bion in a Bion-Body stay with that Bion-Body

4 Experience and Experimentation

4.1 Psychic Phenomena
4.2 Obstacles to Observing Bions
4.3 Meditation
4.4 Effects of Om Meditation
4.5 The Kundalini Injury

5 Out-of-Body Travels

5.1 Internal Dreams and External Dreams

5.1.1 The Soliton Directory
5.1.2 External Dreams aka Lucid Dreams

5.2 Movement when Out-of-Body

5.2.1 Out-of-Body Movement during a Lucid Dream
5.2.2 Vision and Movement during my Bion-Body Projections
5.2.3 How One’s Projected Bion-Body Maintains its Human Shape

Moving my Projected Bion-Body’s Limbs

5.3 Lucid-Dream Projections ~ Oliver Fox
5.4 Bion-Body Projections ~ Sylvan Muldoon

6 Awareness and the Soliton

6.1 The Soliton
6.2 Solitonic Projections
6.3 The Afterlife

The Bion-Body Stage of the Afterlife
The Lucid-Dream Stage of the Afterlife
Transitioning from one Animal Type to a different Animal Type

6.3.1 Birds of a Feather, Flock Together
6.3.2 How a Mind Connects with a Brain before Birth

7 The Lamarckian Evolution of Organic Life

7.1 Evolution
7.2 Explanation by the Mathematics-Only Reality Model of the Evolution of Organic Life
7.3 Darwinism
7.4 Darwinism Fails the Probability Test

The First Self-Reproducing Bacterium

7.5 Darwinism Fails the Behe Test
7.6 Explanation by the Computing-Element Reality Model of the Evolution of Organic Life, and the Existence of the Caretaker Civilization

Learned Programs and Organic Life

8 Caretaker Activity

8.1 The UFO
8.2 The UFO according to Hill

My Analysis

8.3 The UFO Occupants
8.4 Identity of the UFO Occupants
8.5 Interstellar Travel

9 The Human Condition

9.1 The Age of Modern Man according to Cremo and Thompson
9.2 The Gender Basis of the Three Races

Some Additional Evidence for the Gender Basis of the Three Races

9.3 The Need for Sleep
9.4 A Brief Analysis of Christianity
9.5 Karma
9.6 Orgasm
9.7 Allocation Changes during Growth and Aging

10 A Brief Autobiography of myself Kurt Johmann

10.1 My own Relevant Experiences regarding Lucid-Dream Projections, Bion-Body Projections, Solitonic Projections, and the Kundalini Injury

10.1.1 My One Dense Bion-Body Projection
10.1.2 My Two Solitonic Projections
10.1.3 My Kundalini Injury

10.2 Motivation and Means for Writing this Book
10.3 Some Details of my Early Life
10.4 Some Details of my Later Life