For Offline Reading and Listening

For convenient offline reading—and also offline listening of the selected readings which are mp3 files—on your personal computer, you can download (this zip’s filesize is about 32 megabytes).

All modern personal-computer operating-systems (including but not limited to Windows, Mac OS, and Linux) include a built-in ability to unzip a zip file. Unzipping gives the following directories and files:

  • the principal writings of Kurt Johmann as of 2020
    • A Soliton and its owned Bions (Awareness and Mind)
      • selected readings of this book by the author
        • footnote 157 – ten emotions.mp3
        • download the remaining selected readings.html
        • brief descriptions of these selected readings.html
      • this book in both HTML and PDF form
        • tciy-12th-ed.html
        • photo-of-Kurt-Johmann-taken-Feb-25-2013-at-age-57.jpg
        • description of the PDF file.html
        • tciy-12th-ed.pdf
      • usage of Mathematica in two places in this book
        • mathematica-items.html
        • mathematica-test-sphere-filling-messaging-algorithm.txt
        • mathematica-for-footnote-23-gmr-vectors.txt
        • mathematica-for-footnote-23-compute-test-cases.txt
    • seven essays
      • essays-summary.html
      • big-bang-bunk.html
      • american-culture.html
      • the-psychological-harm-of-male-circumcision.html
      • monotheism-imperialism-and-genital-mutilation.html
      • unschooling-is-best.html
      • understanding-americas-drug-war.html
      • debunking-the-ice-age.html
      • circ-chart.gif

Note: The only reason for the above download the remaining selected readings.html file in the selected readings of this book by the author directory is because my WordPress hosting provider has a 50-megabyte filesize limit, so I can’t have a downloadable zip file bigger than 50 megabytes, so I split the remaining selected readings into two other zip files you can download, as detailed in that download the remaining selected readings.html file.

Written January 2020 by: Kurt Johmann