My Videos about my Book

Because so many people consume videos on the internet these days, including myself, I finally decided in 2020 to make two videos regarding my book, which I’ve put on YouTube:


  1. A detailed overview of my book: A Soliton and its owned Bions (Awareness and Mind) ~~ This video is about 69 minutes long.

  2. One Typo, One Clarification, and One Improvement for my Book ~~ This video is about 13 minutes long.


Regarding the video scripts, they are here on this website: This is the Script for my Book-Overview Video, and This is the Script for my One-Typo Video.

Note: When I added my videos to YouTube, YouTube reserved the right to place ads, so if you see any ads that is YouTube’s doing, not mine, and I earn nothing from it. On the other hand, it costs me nothing to have my videos hosted on YouTube in High Definition, and hopefully my videos won’t eventually be censored or purged for some reason.

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