Recent Website Changes

Over the last few days I’ve made a number of changes to this website, which, besides revising the About page and adding a Blog page, include the following:

  • The A Soliton and its owned Bions (Awareness and Mind) link on this website’s main menu above, now links to the entire book in a single page, instead of linking to a Table of Contents page that links to the book spread across eight different pages. Note: Because of the book’s large size as a single page, I initially split it into eight parts at this website to improve web-search results. However, I’ve now decided to have the book in both formats at this website: as a single page and as multiple pages.

    Although no longer linked to by this website’s main menu, a link to that Table of Contents page is in the About page.

    Also, if you enter this website’s domain name by itself on your web-browser’s address bar, instead of opening the About page as it did previously, it will now open the entire book in a single page.

  • With regard to my photo and its caption in the HTML of my book: Because the photo’s caption was getting squashed on narrow display devices, I’ve taken the photo and caption out of the HTML table they were in, and the caption is now in a separate paragraph before the photo.

  • With regard to the Table of Contents in the HTML of my book, I decided to add the HTML <h4> headers that are in the book to that Table of Contents (the printed book already has all four header levels in its Table of Contents, so I decided to make the HTML of the book at this website consistent with the printed book).

    Unlike the other three header levels that are all numbered, the <h4> headers in the book are all unnumbered. An example of an <h4> header in the Table of Contents is An Efficient Gravity Algorithm under subsection 3.8.3 Coordinates in 3D Space, and Message Transmission thru 3D Space.

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