Selected Readings (mp3 files) of A Soliton and its owned Bions (Awareness and Mind)

Below is a list of recordings I have made, by reading selected parts of my book, A Soliton and its owned Bions (Awareness and Mind). You are free to download and/or play whichever of these recordings, if any, interest you.

I, Kurt Johmann, the copyright owner, hereby place in the public domain all of the below listed recordings made by me.

  1. footnote 157 – ten emotions (its play length is about 1 hour 5 minutes; this recording was made January 2018)

    The ten emotions are: depression, happiness, fear, joy, loneliness, anger, laughing feeling, crying feeling, sadness, and anxiety. Each of these ten emotions is described, and its purpose is explained.

  2. section 9.2 – The Gender Basis of the Three Races (its play length is about 18 minutes; this recording was made January 2018)

    There are three commonly recognized races: african (more specifically, sub-Saharan african is meant, aka blacks), caucasian, and oriental. And there appears to be a strong correlation between the comparative traits of these three races, and the comparative traits of the two human genders: men and women.

  3. footnotes 152, 153 – reallocations for the lucid-dream afterlife (its play length is about 18 minutes; this recording was made January 2018)

    At the onset of the lucid-dream stage of the afterlife, because one no longer has a body, neither a physical body nor an afterlife bion-body, the after-death reallocations have nowhere to go except to one’s mental abilities. Thus, for a typical person, as experienced by his awareness, there are large increases in the areas of intelligence, memory recall, and perhaps also certain emotions.

  4. subsection 6.3.1 Birds of a Feather, Flock Together (its play length is about 11 minutes; this recording was made January 2018)

    In general, for a typical human rebirth, a person in the afterlife chooses his parents—and likewise his parents choose him—based on compatibility considerations. This birds-of-a-feather-flock-together effect, aka the like-seeks-like effect, also operates in everyday human life, and the end result of all this seeking of compatibility, is different human populations—different mentally, and often different physically as well—in their own geographical areas.

  5. section 9.4 A Brief Analysis of Christianity (its play length is about 28 minutes; this recording was made January 2018)

    Jesus is a fictional character and Christianity is a designed religion, designed for the benefit of Roman imperialism. Also, certain parts of Christianity are not in the religion to benefit imperialism, but instead are in Christianity to benefit those people who directly live off Christianity as, in effect, paid employees of Christianity, including priests and pastors and the higher-ups in the church hierarchy.

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