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The primary purpose of this website is to make freely available my final version, the revised 12th edition of my book (I was 66 years old when I completed my work on my book and uploaded the revised 12th edition to this, my website; the date was February 21, 2022). My book’s title and subtitle are:

A Soliton and its owned Bions (Awareness and Mind)
These Intelligent Particles are how we Survive Death

At this website, and on my own computer, the revised 12th edition’s two files are tciy-revised-12th-ed.html (the link is above) and photo-of-Kurt-Johmann-taken-Feb-25-2013-at-age-57.jpg (file size is 1.2 megabytes and 132 kilobytes, respectively). A link to the immediately preceding edition, the 12th edition, is further below. Both the revised 12th edition and the 12th edition are here at my website, free to view and free to download.

A quick jump to some other items here: I made a video talking about the revised 12th edition of my book and its addendum, I read selected parts of my book, my essays, and an addendum for my book.

I’ve already placed both the revised 12th edition and the 12th edition of my book in the public domain (near the beginning of each book, see the heading This Work is placed in the Public Domain and my dated statement that I make below that heading), because my goal with my book, and the reason I spent so much time and effort working on it, thru many different editions, over the course of many years, is not to make money (on the contrary, it has cost me money), but to instead give myself the most accurate and correct and overall best reality model that I could create for myself, given both my limited mental abilities and my limited knowledge of the world. And because I am pleased with the final result of my work on my book, I (Kurt Johmann) offer the reality model I created for myself—as presented first in the 12th edition, and then a better and more complete presentation in the revised 12th edition—to others freely.

The revised 12th edition (roughly 171,500 words) and the 12th edition (roughly 160,000 words) are large books, with many parts, covering many subjects, and the book, in certain parts, has a lot of algorithms and code, which assume what I call in my book the computing-element reality model.

My Qualifications to write the Computer-Related Parts in my Book …

include, but are not limited to, the three university degrees in Computer Science that I have: a BA (Rutgers University), and a Masters and PhD (University of Florida).

I made a Video talking about the Revised 12th Edition of my Book and its Addendum

This video is 93 minutes long—one hour and 33 minutes—and is hosted on YouTube at this address:

My script for this video, also gives some details about how this video was made, and includes a list of times when I go off-script in this video.

The Links below, lead to Everything Else that is here at this Website

An addendum for the 12th and revised 12th editions of my book, regarding copying a soliton/mind’s mind to replace the mind of a different soliton: The subject of copying a mind from one person (a soliton/mind) to another, is mentioned in my book, but I give no algorithm for it. This addendum, written by me in year 2023, is an important addition to my book, and it gives a full discussion of, and an efficient algorithm for, mind copying, and it’s also free to view and/or download, and I’ve placed it in the public domain.

The 12th edition of my Book. I published the 12th edition of my book in year 2017.

The two Videos I made about the 12th edition of my Book.

The PDF file I made for the interior of the printed version of the 12th edition, is likewise free to view and free to download (the Subject Index is on pages 205 thru 208). Its file size is 1.5 megabytes. I’ve already placed this PDF file in the public domain, see here. Warning: the first 2 pages of this PDF are blank, so begin viewing this PDF at page 3. If curious, the printed 12th edition is here.

Seven Essays I wrote, in the years 1999 thru 2003.

Selected Readings from my Book: In January 2018, I used a high-quality microphone with a pop filter to make these recordings, and I speak USA English as a native speaker—without any regional accent, as far as I know. In these recordings, all the quoted text was read from the 12th edition of my book. However, these recordings refer equally to both the 12th edition and the revised 12th edition, because it turns out that none of the quoted text in these recordings was changed in the revised 12th edition.

Usage of Mathematica ® is the same in both the 12th edition and the revised 12th edition.

Two Blog Posts by me, Kurt Johmann, from when I had a WordPress ® website—from September 2017 until February 2022—that I paid a web-host for, and used as the home on the internet from which I made freely available the 12th edition of my book.

Saved parts of the About page, from when I had that WordPress website.

All Editions of my Book in a Zip File: Within a detailed description of the zip-file’s contents, there’s a link to the zip file itself (its file size is 2 megabytes), which is freely downloadable and can be opened on your computer.

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