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Kurt Johmann’s Homepage

The primary Purpose and Reason for this Website …

is to make freely available to anyone who comes here, a book I completed in 2017. Writing this book, pretty much, has been a lifetime goal for me, and has taken much of my lifetime to complete (I am 65 years old as I write this sentence in 2021). The book’s title and subtitle are …

A Soliton and its owned Bions (Awareness and Mind)
These Intelligent Particles are how we Survive Death

This is a large book of roughly 160,000 words, with many parts, covering many subjects, and the book, in certain parts, has a lot of algorithms and code, which assume what I call in my book the computing-element reality model.

The entirety of this book, which is free, is contained in a single page. (It is recommended to either open this page in a new tab or download it, because this page has no navigation within this website other than the browser’s back button. And this same recommendation is also for the PDF file mentioned next.)

The PDF file I made for the interior of the printed version of this book, is likewise free. Warning: the first 2 pages of this PDF are blank, so begin viewing this PDF at page 3. If curious, the printed book is here.

If you want to see a Video that gives an Overview of this Book …

there’s a high-definition video I made in 2020 that’s 69 minutes long and it’s currently hosted on YouTube. This video is embedded above and can be played here, expanded to fullscreen if you want. This video is also on my YouTube channel The Computing-Element Reality Model.

My Qualifications to write the Computer-Related Parts in this Book …

include, but are not limited to, the three university degrees in Computer Science that I have: a BA (Rutgers University), and a Masters and PhD (University of Florida).

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